Jagenmeer Sculpture Studio
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“These days, art has entered a phase when it pretends to resolve religious or philosophical problems. Without denying freedom to anyone, I would like to follow the path set by the old masters. I am looking for the perfect form.”

Graduates of the Fine Arts Department of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Among their inspirations, they reel off at once: Buonarotti, Bernini, Vermeer, Gaudi, Malczewski, Klimt and Rodin. Aneta specialises in medallic art and small forms where she can demonstrate her unparalleled precision and sensitivity. Maciej's passion is oriented towards serious sculpture productions, sometimes complex in their dynamics, often with the human figure his starting point. He is particularly fond of portrait sculpture. His approach to the form is most reminiscent of the achievements of the Baroque, Mannerism or Art Nouveau.

Married for 12 years. In their free time they listen to Bach. Aneta teaches their son, Maksim, to play the piano. Maciej practices yoga and studies the Bible in its original version.


Design and production of medals, statuettes and plaques for companies.

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